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Unmedicated by Madisyn Taylor

Through the complications of prescription medication and inattentive healthcare, feeling hopeless and unable to see a future for herself, DailyOM co-founder Madisyn Taylor decided to reclaim her life and work toward her healthiest self on her own terms, seeking help in the holistic medical and spiritual communities and a balanced system based on four pillars of wellness. Where pills and self-medicating behaviors failed her, she found changes through a clear mind, strong body, nurtured spirit, and com-passionate community.

Using Madisyn’s experiences and step-by-step practices, Unmedicated will inspire and encourage you to examine your own life and embrace a new, healthy, and holistic way of living. With simple yet effective actions, you, too, can access the four pillars of well-ness to create a practical and achievable plan to transform your entire being.

“Thank you, Madisyn, for this book. Long needed are words that inspire people to seek help for behavioral issues through taking responsibility and living a mindful life, addressing all of our incredibly important daily activities.”

Mariel Hemingway, award-winning actress, author, and entrepreneur

“By bravely sharing her inspiring journey to self-healing, Madisyn Taylor o ers healthy, profound, and easy-to-implement solutions for anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, and other challenges. This book will give much-needed hope to those who have yet to find a solution to their suffering.”

Jen Sincero, New York Times–bestselling author of You Are a Badass

“Unmedicated is a precious gift of a book for anyone who has struggled with depression. In this deeply personal and profoundly practical guide, Madisyn will hold your hand through how to take daily actions to change your state. This is not some intellectual, do-this-to-feel-better-immediately read but a guide from a veteran who has been in the trenches of depression, and shares her secrets and practices to healing from the inside out.”

HeatherAsh Amara, bestselling author of the Warrior Goddess book series

“As one of the 40 million Americans with an anxiety disorder, I am grateful for Madisyn Taylor’s new book Unmedicated. Like a close friend, Madisyn shares with her readers her personal healing journey and the insights she garnered while on it. Her revelations result in her four pillar program, which can lead anyone who follows the practices to a profound feeling of health and well-being. Whether you take medication or not, I encourage you to use Unmedicated as a tool to create positive change. Take action and feel the shift.”

Lissa Coffey, author of The Four Pearls and The Four Squirrels

“Many eloquent voices have begun to dispute the widely held view that our life challenges are best handled by taking chemicals. In Unmedicated, Madisyn Taylor shares how sadness and anxiety dogged her heels, how medication proved the wrong answer for her, and how, by following her program, you can live an emotionally healthy life without psychiatric medication. A very rich, interesting and important book—and highly recommended!”

Eric Maisel, author of The Future of Mental Health, Rethinking Depression, and Humane Helping

Unmedicated offers those using prescription drugs for depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, HSP symptom’s and other similar maladies, hope, inspiration, and most importantly, solutions to assist them in living drug-free. With a four-tier program, this book provides an easy, yet powerful program that holistically balances mind, body and spirit. If you are seeking more joy, more peace through natural methods, this book is for you.”

Arielle Ford, author of Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate

“Many years ago, I started to face the darkness of my childhood and the addictive patterns I used to avoid my inner pain and suffering. I wish that my yesterday-self had been handed Madisyn’s book Unmedicated. With amazing honesty, Madisyn shares her own spiral into despair and resulting over-reliance on prescription medications. The four pillars she discovered, created, and employed to free herself from the secrets within her soul also released her from this dependency. These four pillars, each composed of wisdom and action steps, can do the same for you, whether you are hiding your light within medications, isolation, illicit drugs, or simply bad thoughts about yourself. When employed sequentially, the four pillars will unlock you from bondage. When integrated into the rest of your life, they will bring meaning to the phrase ‘being alive.’”

Cyndi Dale, Intuitive, healer and bestselling author of The Subtle Body, The Intuition Guidebook, The Complete Book of Chakras, and Energetic Boundaries

“With wisdom and sensitivity, Madisyn Taylor shares her journey to unmedicated freedom, using four unique pillars of holistic healing. For anyone who has tried everything, as Madisyn has, or who simply seeks the joy of living life in a new way, this offering shines a bright light of hope.”

Sara Wiseman, author of Messages from The Divine

“Told with unflinching honesty, clarity, and purpose, Madisyn’s revelatory Unmedicated reveals a hard-fought and well-earned reclamation of health from a minefield of self-medication, drugs, depression, anxiety, and disconnection from life. By sharing her inspirational journey, as well as strength, courage, life-lessons, and love, she offers readers welcomed pillars of strength and beacons of light to help free ourselves from the darkness of pain and suffering. A beautiful guide to self-healing, and encouraging and nurturing in its approach, this remarkable book serves as an invaluable resource for self-reflection, offering indispensable holistic tools for personal growth, and transformation.”

Anthony J.W. Benson, creative business strategist and consultant, Dreams Made Manifest coach, inspirational speaker, and writer

“Madisyn Taylor has been a leader in the self-help and inspirational fields for over twenty-five years, and her work has impacted countless lives. With her new book, Unmedicated, she tackles the field of mental health, and she provides inspiration and hands-on guidance in a compassionate and soulful way for anyone looking to help themselves or their loved ones.”

Dr. Peter D’Adamo, New York Times bestselling author of Eat Right 4 Your Type