Santa Barbara, California

An interesting thing has happened since my book launched.  A few friends have been staying away or keeping quiet about my book.  At first I found it odd thinking that maybe they were just busy or maybe they preferred to read fiction. A lot of times people that need to read a self-help book just keep it on their nightstand without ever picking it up.(we’ve all done that!)  Being confronted with strong, powerful reading material and tools can be really scary. It dawned on me one day that all of the people that were avoiding me were actually on medication and were feeling embarrassed – I had written a book with such a strong title they thought I was anti-medicine. Of course if they would read the book they would soon find out that I am not anti-medicine at all! It serves a purpose and can be necessary for many people.

My goal for the book was to share my experience that I had on the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pill hamster wheel and how I finally weaned myself off those medications and developed a program to help keep me off. It doesn’t stop there; an extra bonus is that my program can help with so many things, not just depression and anxiety. There are many other ways we medicate ourselves such as with our behaviors. See if any of these sound familiar: keeping too busy, not making decisions, staying small and unheard, isolating, being passive aggressive and many more. Along with the more well known self medicating behaviors such as drinking, gambling – all of the “ing” words.

This book serves as a tool to help you retrain and rewire your brain to actually provide new neural pathways. It isn’t expensive, it isn’t complicated and most of it isn’t even hard. What it does take is action. Everyday. I hold your hand lovingly along the way providing tools, suggestions, homework and support.

I decided to talk to the people that were steering clear of me and they admitted to being on anti depressants or anti anxiety pills and I told them it didn’t matter to me at all, I didn’t think less of them and they shouldn’t be embarrassed. After all, I was in their shoes – I needed those meds at one time. I am you, you are me. So don’t walk away, stay with me and lets walk the path together as friends.