Santa Barbara, California

Hello Friends,

Here we are again, the holiday season is upon us and some of you may be feeling overwhelmed already. Last year we all sat at the dining table a little nervous, that we may be faced with the fact that our family and friends weren’t of like mind as us. We wondered who they voted for or if the topic would come at all and how we would get through the day. This year may not be so different but the raw feelings and newness of the situation will have tempered a bit allowing for more civil conversation.

Other feelings that come up may be those of feeling as if we are children again reverting back to our pain of childhood. In a perfect world all of our friends and family will have done their deep self-improvement work but the reality is that most people don’t do their work. For those of us on a path of personal development it can be even more painful to be around people that seemingly haven’t changed at all. It is during these times that coming into the situation you are very grounded. Call on your practices of breathing, meditation or yoga and use those skills. The holiday season isn’t the time to be right or preach your message, it is the time to step fully into who you are as a person, be grounded and shine your light from that place. There is a big difference between this energy and the energy of keeping quiet and not making waves. One should never feel shut down, but we can approach each encounter from a place of being centered and grounded when we speak from the soul, not from our pain. Your message will be received – it may not be met with agreement, but it will be received in grace. This can be practiced all year and not just during the holiday period. If you do feel that you handled yourself with an angry outburst, try not to be hard on yourself – you are human after all.

Be well.